Saturday, October 3, 2009

welcome 2 egypt!!!

apepun,ko winner r xkuar air mata kasih..;)

nana..asal 2???tell me..;)

egypt waiting 4 u..;)

moga dipertemukan dgn perjuangan yang sebenar..amin..


time seems to pass by so quickly..

~pesan kakak mithali kepada adiknya yang solehah..he2..~
nana,anyway aku doakn y d best especially 4 u..
be focus in ur study..
hope u meet ur greatest achievement in life..
do d best+tawakkal alallah..
remember opah+ibu+ayh..
all of us send our love 4 u..
ALLAH always with you..
n ur sis always with you too..
luv u..;)


  1. kak na,ni ibu.
    are you ok? bu harap you will always remember that Allah will always remember us if keep in touch with the AlMighty.

    be good and kind to other so that others will do likewise to you.That's my sweet daughter.

    Take good care of your consistently, never do last minute work.
    Do not procrastinate your time.

    Remember to perform your solat 5 times a day. read the quraan after your prayers.Always ask for Allah's forgiveness..

    Our prayers are always for you.

    Remember Allah and Allah will remember you.

    take care darling.

    muahhh....luv you..

  2. owwh..ibu komen la..;)
    ibu,dont worry about nana ya..
    iallah so far so good dye kat egypt 2..
    iallah..ALLAH with her..
    juz pray d best 4 her..

  3. insyaAllah..
    ill do my best..
    luv u all..